For the BMW Owner Who Doesn’t Have Everything

Attention BMW lovers! If your love for your car exceeds its four wheels, sporty design and incredible handling, then have we got just the thing for you: BMW LifeStyle Accessories.
Founded in 1916, Bayerische Motoren Werke (or Bavarian Motor Works for those English-speakers among us) has long been known for quality luxury vehicles. Now also aligned with the Mini lines as well as Rolls Royce, the “Beemer,” as it is affectionately known, not only offers a high-performance vehicle but also an image: smart, successful, discriminating, wealthy. So it’s not surprising that out of this upper-crust culture has emerged a new trend for BMW enthusiasts.
The company now also sponsors a line of LifeStyle Accessories, gifts and accessories designed with their customers in mind and all sporting the iconic BMW logo. Here’s a sampling of what they have to offer.
Key chains, pens and watches
Not too many surprises here, with offerings that feature their Pink Ribbon Collection and Formula One line along with the traditional BMW look. Whether you need a lanyard, carabiner, a set of leather pens or a travel clock, the LifeStyle line will certainly have many options from which to choose.
Of note: 80% of the gross profits from sales of their Pink Ribbon items goes directly to the Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation, with is dedicated to the effort of fighting and finding a cure for breast cancer.
Travel needs
Umbrellas. Briefcases. CD cases. Wallets. Full lines of luggage. Whether you’re traveling by air or, naturally, taking to the road in your Beemer, BMW offers just what you need to make your travels just a little bit easier.
As you might expect from an auto maker, you can purchase tire pressure gauges (both electronic and mechanical) as well as battery charging systems. Driving gloves and other leather goods are also available.
Among the more unique items you’ll find for travel include iPod carrying cases, leather bound journals, CD cases (designed specifically for BMW’s motorcycle line), and fine leather purses.
BMWs collection of LifeStyle gifts runs the gamut, from clothing – including polo shirts, baseball-style hats, tee shirts, jackets and sweaters – to travel mugs and water bottles. They also offer a wide variety of golfing accessories, including golf bags, carrying cases, towels, even golf balls with the BMW logo. The “Green Set,” containing a divot tool, tees, pencil, metal snap-link and scorecard holder, ensures that you’ll always be ready for a game.
Also available are several books chronicling the histories of different lines, including the coupes, motorcycles, and F1 automobiles.
Scale models
One can hardly imagine a high-profile automaker offering a gift line that didn’t include scale models of their cars, and in this BMW did not disappoint. Vintage cars, racing cars, and current models are all represented. They even offer two different RC cars – a $25.00 version for the kids and at $600.00 for the adults.
The site is set up to search by recipient, price, or category, and even has a section of gift ideas to make your shopping that much easier. With prices ranging from $1.00 to over $1800.00, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite BMW owner.

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