Edmunds Cited Minivan Must-haves

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The coming summer season is expected to see the increasing number of car buyers purchasing new cars. Parents will be once again looking for that certain vehicle that will accommodate their growing family. One of the most recommended vehicle body styles for families is the minivan. That is why came up with a list containing the attributes that a good minivan must have.

The first thing that should be checked on a minivan is the presence of adjustable pedals or telescoping steering wheels. The reason for this is that with these features, the driver can be comfortable while driving. Since minivans are aimed at families, extra care should be taken when driving and this means that the more comfortable the driver is, the less chances that he or she will be distracted.

The adjustable pedal allows drivers to adjust the pedals to suit their height. The telescoping steering wheel also has the same function. For shorter people, the telescoping steering wheel means that they do not have to move the seat closer to the steering wheel. Aside from keeping the driver comfortable, these features also offer convenience.

Another must-have for a minivan is an in-floor storage. This storage area is found beneath the floor of the rear cargo area. This is an important feature for a minivan since these family cars haul a lot of load in its lifetime. The in-floor storage provides a room where valuables can be safely stowed away. This also makes the vehicle safer for its occupants. With cargoes safely stowed away under the floor, the risk of them rolling around the cargo bay and into the cabin is eliminated. The rear most row of seats can also be folded down onto the in-floor storage area therefore giving the vehicle a bigger cargo space.

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The third must have for a family car is a conversation mirror. This is actually a convex overhead mirror which allows the driver to inspect what is happening at the rear of the vehicle. This reduces the risk of drivers turning around to look behind them – this action, of course, can lead to accidents for we know that driving is a task that needs our complete attention on the road ahead. Some current models equipped with this feature are the Ford Freestar, Kia Sedona, and the Honda Odyssey.

Another feature that minivan buyer should look for in a vehicle is the fold-flat third row seat. This feature gives a minivan huge amount of cargo space if the seat will not be used. The advantage of these fold-flat seats is that you can significantly increase the cargo capacity of a minivan without manually removing the third row of seats out of the family car.

The next must-have for a minivan is true for any vehicle. stated that one important feature that a minivan should have is a tire-pressure monitoring system. This is very important that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has mandated that new vehicles should be equipped with the tire pressure monitoring system. This feature warns the driver if the vehicle?s tires are over inflated or under inflated. Proper inflation should be observed to ensure that steering will not be affected by it. Under inflation can lead to sluggish steering while over inflation can cause tire blowouts. This is a very dangerous situation especially if the vehicle is being driven at high speeds. Blowing a tire out while driving at a high speed can cause the driver to loose control of a car. In this case, not even a car equipped with a host of safety features and aftermarket parts like the Apexi cold air intake can be safe from a possible crash.

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Edmunds also advises car buyers to opt for minivans with a reconfigurable second row of seating. Aside from the fold-flat third row seating, a second row of seats that can be configured is convenient for consumers. This allows minivan owners to position the seats to fit their needs or to accommodate more cargoes. Aside from those features, consumers should also look for a reverse-sensing feature or a rearview camera. This feature comes in handy when parking a car in a crowded parking lot. With the minivan being a large vehicle, backing it up in a crowded parking space can be quite a feat. That is why parking aid features should be checked by consumers before buying a minivan.

To keep the occupants safe even in cases of crashes, car buyers should opt for minivans equipped with side curtain airbags for all rows of seating. These airbags play a major role in protecting the head of the occupants of minivans in cases of side impact crash or rollovers. Traction and stability control features should also be checked by minivan buyers. These features give the vehicle good traction even on harsh road conditions. Even if the roads are slippery, the stability control kicks in and gives the vehicle a good grip on the road surface. For convenience purposes, Edmunds also advises car buyers to look for minivans equipped with side window shades. This protects the occupants of the vehicle from the heat and the glare of the sun.