Car Insurance Broker Advice – Should You Deal With Auto Insurance Brokers?

A car insurance broker is basically an agent who has been in business for long enough to have experience selling and writing vehicle insurance policies. In many states they are licensed and therefore more accountable then the average agent. In some cases they are also able to shop for quotes from multiple vehicle insurers for their customers. The average broker would probably save you some money on your next policy, but probably not as much as you could save by acting as your own auto insurance broker.
The reason an insurance broker will never be able to save you enough money to make using him worthwhile is that he has to get paid. His fee either comes directly from you or from the automobile insurance company. If it comes from the insurer they will pass those costs along to you. In either case your costs increase when you use a broker simply because of his fee.
If you are willing to act as your own broker you can cut his fee out of the cost of your next policy by purchasing car insurance directly from the company. The easiest way to do this is to buy your policy online.
Many consumers are truly shocked at the quotes they receive when they shop for auto insurance online. It is not uncommon for people to report savings of five-hundred dollars or more when they purchase their first online policy. These savings are directly related to the fact that there is no broker or agency fee involved in writing an online policy.
Car insurance broker is quickly becoming a job of the past as more and more people realize that they can go to a web site and do everything for themselves that the broker used to do. It would be a shame for you to be the last person paying these fees so we recommend you buy your next automotive insurance policy online and see for yourself how significant the savings can be.

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