Auto Repair – What a Simple Oil Change Can Do For Your Car

Every car owner knows that an oil change is an essential part of maintaining a car, but a lot of people don’t know just how much it will benefit your car. If you’re still having second thoughts about taking your car for a San Francisco auto repair to have your oil changed, maybe these following benefits will help make up your mind easier.
Clean engine – one of the most obvious benefit you get from changing your oil is that you will have a clean engine that will run more smoothly. The oil change eliminates all the debris buildup that can cause your engine to slow down in the long run.
Better mileage – when your engine is clean and is running smoothly, lubrication is increased, which in turn will result to more gas mileage. That means you get more out of your gas just because you had your oil changed.
Improved engine performance – oil change doesn’t only keep debris from building up but it also makes sure that all the internal parts are always working smoothly and properly. When you’re always running on clean oil, not only are you going to get a better mileage, but you’re also going to have a better-performing engine.
Longer-lasting engine – having an oil change regularly reduces the risk of engine failure. It doesn’t just assure you that your engine is clean, but it also protects your engine from possible causes of early wear and tear.
Decreased emissions – because you are running on clean oil, you will be releasing much less exhaust, which is not only good news for you but also for the environment.
Most of all, a clean engine oil will let you pass a smog test in San Francisco. This is one of the most crucial requirements if you want to make sure that you can drive your car around the streets. There are a number of smog test only centers in the area that you can visit to see if you can pass the test, but before that make sure that you have your oil changed in a nearby San Francisco auto repair shop. Getting everything taken care of before you get a smog test will increase your chances of passing it.
How many of you were aware of these benefits before? Sure, changing your engine oil means that you are replacing dirty, old one with a new and clean one, but there is more you can get out of a simple oil change. These benefits are especially appreciated and crucial if you’re a San Francisco resident because they have strict policies when it comes to having a clean engine.

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